Monday, July 9, 2012

Stolen Identity: George Kalomeris (Gary Wayne Thomas and Thomas Wayne Jones)

 Another case of stolen identity unrelated to the story or the film above.

1998 Delaware, Maryland
A home care nurse arrived, and saw that her employer was missing, and there was blood on the floor. The police were called, and discovered tire tracks leading from the home to an open field. Thomas Wayne Jones was found lying in the field. He had been shot in the back, but was still clinging to life. He told police that it was his friend George Kalomeris who had shot him. When police searched for Kalomeris, he had vanished. Mrs. Kalomeris, called police and informed them of her husband's whereabouts. They arrested him for attempted murder. He admitted that they were friends, but denied any involvement in the ambush attack. While following up on a tip, police found mail with the name Gary Wayne Thomas. The police thought the name sounded very similar to their victim, who had since died during their investigation. It was discovered that Gary Wayne Thomas was a real person and a friend of George Kalomeris. But, that he had been missing for at least three years.  U.S Postal Crime Lab compared the writing samples of the mail for both victims and confirmed that George Kalomeris had authored the signatures on the letters. He eventually confessed in order to escape the death penalty. He told police that he was jealous of Gary Wayne Thomas' wealth and plotted to kill him and assume his identity. In 1996, he lured Gary to a field and shot him. He scattered the remains so that he could never be found. He decided to do the same thing to Thomas Wayne Jones. George Kalomeris was convicted and received 395 years in prison. His wife Noreen Kalomeris was also arrested for bank fraud.

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