Sunday, January 13, 2013

Identity Theft and Stolen Idenity Cases On the Rise

I am keeping a running list of Identity Theft aka Stolen Identity Cases by Year.

1994: The case of Paul Gruber and Darryl Kuehl

1998: The case of Gary Wayne Thomas and George Kalomeris. This identity theft case ended in murder.

1999: Michelle Brown found out that a woman named Heddi Larae Ille had been using her social security number to get a driver's license, a condo, and a car in her name. It took about 7 years to bring her to justice. A movie was made about her case called Identity Theft The Michelle Brown Story in 2004.

2013: (January-2013) Benita Cardona-Gonzalez, a Mexican undocumented worker assumed the identity of Texas teacher Candida Gutierrez. Her identity was stolen for about 12 years total before Cardona-Gonzalez was taken in to custody.

2013: February 8: The IRS aka the Internal Revenue Service makes arrests in tax return fraud cases.

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